The most common method of removing unwanted hair is electrolysis where a small needle or a thin metal probe is inserted into the opening of the skin as a low-level electrical current passes through the needle or probe into the skin and helps destroy the hair follicle hence the hair is unable to grow back in the area where the follicle has been destroyed. This process is followed thoroughly at Feather Touch as we are committed to the process.

This process of electrolysis is time consuming and usually require several treatment sessions to destroy the hair follicles. At our hair removal clinic, we make sure the client is made comfortable and the procedure takes place in an easy and convenient manner. Since the destruction of each individual hair follicle may take from less than 1 second up to 20 seconds depending on the growth and frequency, we at Feather Touch want to make the procedure hassle free for the client by having the best electrologists in practice at our hair removal clinic in Kerala.

After electrolysis, the skin will be slightly red which does not last for long but is a natural reaction to the process .It is our guarantee at Feather Touch that no other treatment is required post procedure . At our hair removal clinic in Kerala, every client has noticed loss of unwanted hair within few weeks to months right after the first treatment.

As one of the best hair removal clinics in Kerala, we are constantly on the lookout for excellence in our methods, techniques and approaches and hence we encourage our experts to keep furthering research into the existing methods of electrolysis and come up with innovations which are suited to meet the needs of our client in our hair removal clinic in Kerala.

To be a part of this experience and help get rid of unwanted hair, do take an appointment and give us a call to talk to our experts. We at Feather Touch in Kerala aim to give you quality and results by sticking to the methodology and seeking help from experts who are a part of our team.

How Well It Works

If electrolysis is performed correctly, it results in permanent hair removal. Our electrologists at Feather Touch are the best in the industry and ensure full satisfaction post procedure. Also, this method has no side effects as it’s non-invasive and painless which is also ensured at our hair removal clinic in Kerala.

As one of the leading hair removal clinics in Kerala, we at Feather Touch are constantly ensuring best price and affordability for our clients for the procedure. Our reputation has been built through our clients at Feather Touch and we owe our success to the adherence of procedure and quality. We are fully awareof the nature of the procedure and the complexity which is why we made sure that our hair removal clinic in Kerala is affordable and reaches out to everybody seeking a solution to unwanted hair through electrolysis.