As one of the best hair removal clinics in Kerala, we at Feather Touch are proud of our institution for the facilities that we provide to our clients and ensure client satisfaction. Our infrastructure boasts of state of the art facilities and equipment, digitized records, modern amenities like air conditioned treatment rooms, experienced electrologists with accreditation from reputed institutions.

We at Feather Touch have taken enough steps and measures to ensure that you experience the best with us as we are committed to this approach of electrolysis and ensure every Feather Touch client in Kerala is testimony to that. The experience at Feather Touch and the facilities provided has prompted our clients to choose us over and over again and our willingness to make sure the procedure is hassle free and optimized has landed us the title of being one of the best hair removal clinic in Kerala.

We are constantly looking forward to excelling in our methods as one of the best hair removal clinics in Kerala, hence we encourage our experts to further research into existing methods of electrolysis. We believe in innovation and passion at Feather Touch. So, please do not hesitate to take an appointment and talk to our experts. We at Feather Touch in Kerala are committed to quality and it is achievable through our experts and facilities provided

Our state of the Art facilities enable us to maintain the standards and carry out the procedure in hygienic and safe environment. Being one of the best hair removal centers in Cochin, Muvattupuzha and all over Kerala, Our experts in electrology who carry out the procedure are stringent about quality and consistency of the procedure and our clients are testimony to our excellence. The uniqueness of the technology clubbed with our expertise and affordable rates make Feather Touch the first option for electrolysis procedure in hair removal at Kerala.

Electrolysis is considered as one of the most complex procedures for hair removal but offers permanent solution hence high amount of expertise is required which our experts provide with every service. We at Feather Touch as one of the leading hair removal clinic take care of this fact while selecting the experts. Not only electrologists, we have in house Dermatologists and trained staff to ensure that every client gets the procedure in the right manner and has a good experience. Feather Touch ensures that high safety standards are maintained and our experts carry out the procedure well in clean and hygienic conditions as one of the best hair removal clinics in India. In Kerala, we have established a reputation for being the best in hair removal because of our approach and the standards that we maintain therefore at Feather Touch, every client is important.

Please drop by or email us or call us for more detailed information on the procedure and our experts shall certainly help you as at Feather Touch, we believe every client should get the best in hair removal.