As hair removal clinic in Kerala, professional hair removal treatment such as electrolysis treatments is the permanent hair removal or reduction method that we stand by which is painless and hassle-free.To you, it may seem easier to buy a machine that can be used at your home but it needs to be professionally handled.  FDA has approved a few home laser treatment devices but the same for electrolysis is not true. That’s why at Feather Touch, we hire experts to do this job accurately and without any hiccups.

The aim is to destroy the hair follicle so that it does not grow back and in case it does, it is taken care of by the electrologist. The hair needs to be caught at the right time of the hair’s growth otherwise then the hair may grow back again and pose to be a problem

Currently, there are two types of home electrolysis devices on the market and either of them are unapproved by the FDA. The first type mimics the machines used by electrologists, but on a less powerful level.

 Home Electrolysis

These contain a probe that is inserted into the hair follicle and then an electrical current is applied to the follicle to destroy it. These devices come with a high risk of skin damage and scarring if the probe is not inserted correctly. The concerns are that permanent skin damage can happen if not used correctly and also no guarantee that these machines will help in hair removal. Because of lower voltage and not using the device current by ensuring the current is applied directly to the follicle, it is possible that hair you treat will grow back.

If the aim is permanent hair removal then the only option is electrolysis provided by a professional which we provide at Feather Touch. The American Electrology Association has a very high standard of practice that all physicians must follow with each patient and we at Feather Touch hire experts who adhere to the same stringently.At our hair removal clinic in Kerala, professionally-practiced electrolysis is our approach and to ensure that you obtain the results you are looking for. The hair growth cycle is checked by the electrologist at our hair removal clinic and is subsequently booked for appointment. Hence at Feather Touch, we stand by the technique for the effectiveness and we trust our experts in helping you make the right choice for getting rid of unwanted facial hair.Electrolysis has been recognized as the only permanent method of removing hair by the FDA and the American Medical Association. We have accredited facilities and electrologists at Feather Touch to ensure all standards are met as one of the best hair removal methods clinic in Kerala.Quality and consistency is our hallmark at Feather Touch and we plan to take this forward as one of the best hair removal clinics in Kerala through this approach . Do we visit us in person, drop by , call us or mail us ; we are here to help you.