Yes, the procedure of Hair removal by electrolysis is permanent and we at Feather Touch customize the procedure according to client’s need at our hair removal clinic in Kerala.

Any other hair-removal solution cannot claim the universal acceptability and success offered by electrolysis treatments as it is FDA approved and other Medical Boards also endorse it. Electrolysis helps remove unwanted hair safely and permanently for all skin tones. We at Feather Touch guarantee for results and our clients stand witness to that. Here is what you need to do; book an appointment through mail or call and our experts will guide you through.

The procedure of Electrolysis permanently destroys the growth cells present in the hair follicle, helping prevent treated hairs from growing back again. This treatment can be applied to almost all body parts which includes chin, eyebrows, lower and upper lip, breasts, abdomen, bikini line etc. Our experts at Feather Touch carry out the procedure in a safe and hygienic environment thus making us one of the best hair removal clinics in Kerala. Usually other methods than electrolysis focus on hair removal which is immediate but temporary like hair which is visible, or hair that has not come out the follicle. We at Feather Touch know that all of these deliver temporary elimination of unwanted hair and therefore are committed to the process of electrolysis.

Reasons to choose electrolysis over temporary methods:

Rest of the hair removal options may or may not be professionally performed but electrolysis can be performed only by qualified electrologists which at Feather Touch is taken care of very stringently. Electrolysis thus helps to eliminate unwanted hair, permanently, with sure success. We at Feather Touch do it for the largest variety of skin and hair types as a hair removal clinic in Kerala.

Tweezing, threading and waxing are alike in their methods of hair removal, giving immediate and temporary results. Electrolysis takes care of that by removing unwanted hair by targeting them and destroying them. Shaving and depilation cause irritating reaction to the skin and the hair grows back quickly. All of these methods of hair removal require a huge amount of time for maintenance. All these methods are cost effective for a short period of time but we at Feather Touch are committed to giving the best experience in hair removal by offering electrolysis as an affordable and permanent solution at our hair removal clinic.

A frequently asked question about hair regrowth: Do all hairs get eliminated in one session or do they grow back?

According every person’s physiology, the growth cycles are different hence require different plans for different clients. We at Feather Touch aim to make this experience personalized for every client.

At our hair removal clinic, please drop by or email us to know more so that we can help you. We are committed to quality and consistency at Feather Touch and wish to extend the same to you.