At Feather Touch, we try to make the procedure hassle free by keeping the sessions close by.  A lot of factors like the amount of hair presented, the methods of hair removal before treatments, genetics, hormones, nutrition and health of the individual can determine number of treatments required. A very fine growth of hair on the upper lip can be completed within 6 months and approximate 6 to 10 very short treatments.

For best results, we advise the client to follow the electrologist’srecommendations in scheduling appointments. Areas that have been waxed or tweezed require frequent treatment as opposed to shaving. Clients who follow the recommended treatment plan can expect to complete their sessions sooner. We at Feather Touch believe in consistency. Also genetics, hormones, nutrition and health are a deciding factor.

The average length of an electrolysis treatment is 30 minutes to an hour. The length of the electrology treatment session is proportional to the number of hairs to be removed. Tweezing needs to stop for a month for the first treatment to take 15 to 30 minutes long. In this case, she or he would not have to wait one month –weekly treatments can beginimmediately that could last as long as an hour in the beginning and then get reduced over a period of time. Progress of the treatment happens by reduction of hair where weekly treatments happen then every two weeks, then every 3 weeks, then monthly. Our experts work closely with the clients to provide optimum care post procedures every time at Feather Touch electrolysis.

Progress of the treatment can be seen through a noticeable reduction in the amount of hair growing. Around 2 months of treatment, the cleared area has less hair. Over a period of time, hair growth is reduced with consideration to time till the treatment becomes need based.

Consistent clearing of the area is required and we at Feather Touch ensure our electrologists cater to that. As it is one of the most complex procedures but offers permanent solution hence expertise needs to be high which we provide with every service. We at Feather Touch as one of the leading hair removal clinic take care of this fact while selecting the experts. Not only electrologists, we have in house Dermatologists and trained staff to ensure that every client gets the procedure in the right manner and has a good experience. Feather Touch ensures that high safety standards are maintained and our experts carry out the procedure well in clean and hygienic conditions as one of the best hair removal clinics in India. In Kerala, we have established a reputation for being the best in hair removal because of our approach and the standards that we upkeep and at Feather Touch, every client is important.

Please drop by or email us or call us for more detailed information on the procedure and our experts shall certainly help you as at Feather Touch, we believe every client should get the best in hair removal.