Electrolysis in itself is hailed as the only permanent solution to unwanted hair removal and we at Feather Touch have perfected the procedure. Our expert electrologists with their experience can ensure that the hair does not grow back after the treatment cycle is over.

We assure you that after the sessions are complete, if there are any ingrown hairs found, all sessions forthwith will be free of cost. We happen to give this guarantee on the faith that we have on our experts that they ensure the hair does not grow back. At Feather Touch, we are committed to the procedure and it is followed stringently. At our hair removal clinic in Kerala, the client is performed on under supervised and hygienic conditions thus ensuring all standards are met. This approach has earned us the reputation of being one of the best hair removal clinic in Kerala undisputedly.

Our clients stand testimony to our commitment to excellence and hence we give successful results with guarantee. So if the client is faced with any issue of ingrown hair, we are willing to conduct sessions free of cost. Our state of the art facilities and amenities are provided with the purpose of client satisfaction and hence that is of utmost importance. Without client satisfaction, we at Feather Touch do not conduct the procedure on the client any further. Every session is discussed in detail along with every detail of aftercare and follow up hence trying to ensure that the client is on the same page as our expert.

Also, our expert electrologists take every single detail into consideration like skin type, hair growth, frequency of hair growth, skin sensitivity before embarking on the procedure hence making sure the client is comfortable and is aware of the procedure being conducted.

You can pick up the phone or email us at Feather Touch and we shall be happy to assist you in making the right choice at our leading hair removal clinic in Kerala. Hailed as one of best hair removal centers in Cochin, Muvattupuzha and all over Kerala, quality and consistency is our hallmark. At Feather Touch, we believe in technology along with our expertise and affordable rates make us the first option for electrolysis procedure in hair removal.As one of the most complex procedures for hair removal,Electrolysis offers permanent solution hence high amount of expertise is required which is provided at Feather Touch as one of the leading hair removal clinic. Feather Touch ensures that there is maintenance of high safety standards along with adherence of procedure hence making us the best hair removal clinic in Kerala.

Our constant commitment to excellence in our methods as one of the best hair removal clinics in Kerala, has been our motto in the past years. Innovation and passion in our work can be felt through the success of the method which our clients vouch for. Please drop by or email us or chat with our experts to know more about electrolysis in Feather Touch.