Dealing with unwanted hair on the face is a problem commonly faced. A lot of people are affected by this problem. We at Feather Touch recognize this problem and thus want to share the procedure of electrolysis as the best way of hair removal. A lot of methods of hair removal are simple but ineffective over a long period of time. According to US FDA, Electrolysis is the only permanent way to remove hair. For unwanted facial hair, this method of a thin metal probe inserted in the opening of the skin where the hair grows and passing an electric current helps destroy the hair at its base. This treatment has been recognized and at Feather Touch being one of the best hair removal clinics in Kerala has perfected this technique.

Advantages of Electrolysis for facial hair removal:

  • The track record of this treatment is excellent as it is a very effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair.
  • A lot of different hair and skin types benefits from this treatment because it has no effect on the pigment(colour) like laser but destroys the follicle itself.
  • People who cannot get laser (grey hair, white blonde hair) can still get electrolysis done
  • It is a safe and permanent solution as Electrolysis can be done for people who may or may not be appropriate for laser treatments.
  • This time-tested method of permanent removal of hair is done by destroying individual hair follicles with a special electrolysis machine and expert operator.
  • On any part of the body, Electrolysis can be done but it is suited for the small areas of facial hair such as chin and lips more effectively.
  • Unlike laser hair reduction, any hair colour can be treated on by electrolysis as the electrologist visually selects the hairs to be treated and treats them

The hair growth cycle is checked by the electrologist at our hair removal clinic and is subsequently booked for appointment. Hence at Feather Touch, we stand by the technique for the effectiveness and we trust our experts in helping you make the right choice for getting rid of unwanted facial hair.

Electrolysis is not just limited to painful abnormal growth as years of advances and trials has perfected the technique for making it an indisputable cosmetic procedure for hair removal.

As one of the best hair removal clinics in Kerala, our aim is to constantly look  forward to excelling in our methods, techniques and approaches and our experts are encouraged to research and make the procedure safer and hassle-free. We at Feather Touch as one of the best hair removal clinic in Kerala are committed to excellence and always keep coming up with innovations suited to our client’s needs.

In Kerala, Electrolysis has emerged as one of the most popular and scientific ways of getting unwanted hair removed safely and hygienically and we at Feather Touch are known to have perfected this cosmetic procedure. Please do not hesitate to call us so that we know we can give you the best experience in Feather Touch